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Balanced Supplementation for the Women of Today

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Women, whether in the house or at work, are exposed to a lot of stressors. Raising children, doing housework, meeting deadlines and even just planning day-to-day activities may take its toll and rob women of precious energy that’ll keep them going. I recently had a 40 year old patient, a teacher by profession with 4 children who came in for vague back and joint pains, and generalized body weakness. She had a bout with flu and though recovered, doesn’t feel her old self. She always complained of feeling tired and uninspired. Thorough physical examination to rule out organic causes of her aches and fatigue and blood tests (including CBC, blood chemistries and thyroid panel) were requested. All tests came back normal. She was not on any vitamin supplement and admittedly had erratic meals due to her hectic schedule. I advised her to maintain a balanced diet along with adequate hydration, incorporate light/stretching exercises into her schedule and start on an anti-oxidant multivitamin supplement (Trevoca) which contained ginseng, gingko biloba, calcium, iron and vitamin E and other good things. I figured she needed a balanced supplement which can replenish lacking substances in her system. She needed to recover from the insult her body has been subjected to when she had the flu. She came back after two weeks looking different. For one, her skin had a rosy glow and she claimed that she has never felt better. Her fatigue was gone and she has renewed energy to do so much more. She opted to keep on using the supplement on a daily basis and has even been recommending it to her co-workers. Trevoca has now been a mainstay in my supplement recommendation to my patients who are considered the modern women. Women of today are faced with an ever increasing need for a balanced supplementation like Trevoca to cope with the demands of everyday living.
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